Tomorrow is our first real medical school exam and my class is freaking losing it.

We have our written exam and lab practical for anatomy tomorrow. We’re going to be tested on everything since Day 1- the back, shoulder, arm, forearm, hand, hip, thigh, leg, and foot. We have to know all the muscles, their originations, insertions, actions, innervations, blood supply, clinical correlations, etc. Honestly, it’s a lot of stuff and my class is seriously stressing. Apparently someone was hospitalized because they had a massive panic attack, and there have been students just hysterically sobbing in the bathroom, behind the auditorium, and in the stairwells.

I’m staying as far away from school as I can until this test is over. I’m studying everywhere except the library. There are two types of people in there right now: the first type are those that are freaking out because they think they don’t know anything, and the second type are those that are spitting out everything they do know to the first type.

Anyway, I should get back to studying.




  1. Good luck. My first anatomy exam was last week on Monday. We started with the back, chest and arms. It is strange how different schools start in different places. You will do great!


    1. Thanks Dennis,

      We’re just about to do the chest now. We all walked out of the lab practical yesterdayafter the test and there was a guy waiting outside for us with new note packet for today’s anatomy lecture. We were like, “Can we get a break here?!”, but I guess there are no breaks in medical school! Haha. I hope you’re doing well!

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