The most productive break I’ve ever had

Well, it’s the end of my 5-day vacation. I managed to get a lot done since I decided to stay put in Florida for Thanksgiving. I caught up on nearly 30 hours of biochemistry, went through the whole histo book, all of the anatomy of the head/neck, and all of the cardio physiology that’s been covered in lecture since the last exam. Sweet.

The bad news: the last time I left my apartment was four days ago, the only reason why I know tomorrow is Monday is because my phone says today’s Sunday, and I’m pretty sure one or more of my friends think I’m dead based on the text messages I’ve been receiving.

Gotta love med school!

Our first final is this Friday on cardio physiology and it’s going to be non-stop  until the 16th. There’s a pretty good chance I won’t be posting until after my exams, so to my followers, I apologize!

Now it’s time for me to do something completely unrelated to school so my brain will actually function tomorrow in class.



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