I’ve gotten the hang of things, kind of

We’re a good 2 weeks into our new semester and (do I even need to say this?) there’s SO. MUCH. STUFF. The most time-consuming classes are respiratory physiology and micro. Our micro class is kind of weird, because it’s split: the first hour we get taught immuno, and the second hour we get taught viro/bacteriology. In my opinion (haha see what I did there?), viro/bacteriology > immuno, only because the former sticks to my brain better.

I wanted to start off the semester right, so I’ve altered my studying habits from last semester in order to try and be as productive as possible. I’m spending more time after class to review the day’s worth of information, and then reviewing the same stuff again early on in the weekend. I’m also forcing myself to go to every single class and pay attention. Yes, even if it is at 8am. It’s definitely hard for me to actually absorb information that early in the morning (hence why I skipped almost all the morning classes last semester), but I’m finding that if I go and actively pay attention, I can pick up the material pretty well. Also, in case the recording system fails (it happens) or the professor purposely turns off the recording system to ‘punish’ students who decided to sleep in that morning (also happens), I’ll actually be in class. Other than those changes, I’m also spending an extra 30 minutes in the morning before class reviewing topics  we covered in the Fall. I’m thoroughly impressed with how much I learned last semester. I’m just as equally impressed with how quickly I managed to forgot all of it.

It’s a classmate’s birthday party tomorrow and I’m debating if I should go to the whole thing. It’s supposed to be a whole day/night (and technically next morning) event. For the early afternoon – evening, the plan is to hang out at the beach and play volleyball/football, get lunch, etc. Then at night, we’re planning on getting some party buses and heading down to Miami. I think I’ll go to the beach part, and skip the rest. I kind of burned out on going out and having fun over winter break, and now I just need to get back into the groove of things. It sounds crazy, I know. But our first exam is next week and we literally have at least 1 exam every week after that until finals in May when all hell is going to break loose.

Oh btw, before I forget, someone posted this on our class FB group. I thought it was pretty cool.

Well, back to studying respiratory physio.




    1. Hi Julia,

      In the US, medical school lasts 4 years. We spend the first two years learning all the sciences and for the last two years, we do rotations at hospitals to get our clinical experience.

      I agree with you though that repetition is important in medical school. I’m finding that’s the best way to remember what I’ve learned!

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

      1. That’s such a nice programme there in the USA!)) we have to learn sciences for 3 years, 2 years clinical rotations, and the last one (which I’m currently studying) consists of lectures about all of the stuff we learned before. And now we are desperately waiting for our residency to work in the clinic))
        But some goverments think that also 6 years isn’t enough: for example, in Armenia they considered to make 7 years studying.. hopefully, that reformation lasted only for 1 year)
        And you are always welcome! )) It’s interesting to read your blog and all your thoughts)

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