I’ve decided…

to not go to class anymore because my exam scores aren’t reflecting the amount of time I’m putting into attending class. Screw it.


I’ll still go to neuroanatomy because I like the subject a lot and we do interactive things in class, but I’m going to stop going to micro (~8 hrs lecture/week) and physio (~5 hrs/week). I think I’ll just study in the library instead during those class times. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, and my time will be better spent if I use the mornings to actually study instead of going to class. With a combined ~13 hrs of lecture a week for micro/physio, I could watch the recordings for those lectures in half the time and make it ~7 hrs instead. That’s a lot of time saved that could be used to study.

My class representatives talked to the Dean about professors turning off the recording system to punish students that don’t come to class, and apparently that issue has been resolved. Now there isn’t a reason for me to hesitate skipping class, and if there’s a chance I’ll learn better by not going then I think I should take advantage of that. We’ll see how this turns out.

I also have some good news to share! I got elected to some leadership positions for the upcoming school year, so if you’re going to be matriculating in the fall, I’ll probably be seeing you very often :).




  1. I don’t actually think this is a bad idea. I attended very few theory classes myself for the same reason. My only problem was that I got so used to being able to follow my own schedule (e.g. sleeping an hour later and then staying up an hour later), that falling in with a set schedule during rotations was a little hard. But honestly, starting rotations is a little hard for everyone.

    1. I skipped class a lot last semester, but I didn’t have the discipline to actually study after I woke up. I would sleep in and start studying late morning or early afternoon. I would also go to sleep around 12am, so I didn’t make up the time lost by staying up later. I’m thinking that from now on, I’ll wake up at the same time I normally do when I go to class, but I’ll just head to the library instead of to the lecture hall. I’ll get off track if I don’t set a schedule with myself; that’s always been my weakness with skipping class. I figured waking up at the same time everyday early in the morning will also make the adjustment to rotations a little bit easier.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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