NOM Week!


This week is NOM Week. What is NOM Week you ask? Well it’s not a week long food festival like I had previously thought (nom..). NOM stands for National Osteopathic Medicine and NOM Week runs from April 13-19th. There are a bunch of workshops set up throughout the week for us like an AOA/ACGME merger panel, an OPP workshop, and residency matching discussions. You can choose what you want to go to and some of the events offer community service or Explorer Selective credit (which I desperately need right now).

I went to the AOA/ACGME merger panel and found it to be pretty interesting. It’s nice to hear the opinions of actual DO’s and their thoughts on the new merger. If there’s one thing learned, it’s that no one can say for certainty whether the merger will be good or bad for DOs in the long run. There really isn’t anything we can do except wait and see how all this unfolds.

Anyway, sorry this post is so short. Gotta get back to studying.




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