It has begun…

The week before our Final Exams, my class was required to go to a mandatory meeting regarding an online class that we’re supposed to be registered for over the summer. The course is called “Pre-clinical Med Science Review”, and by the name, you can assume it has to do with reviewing everything from the first two years of medical school. During the meeting, the faculty gave a presentation where they explained that this was essentially an independent learning summer course where we are responsible for reviewing things taught in first and second semester. They said that they will be opening up all the courses that we’ve taken over our M1 year on our Blackboard website and we will have access to every single class, lecture slide, lecture recording, note packet, and figure that has been uploaded since we started med school back in August. They also gave us some rough outlines on how we should organize our M1 summer and M2 year in order to properly prep for boards. At this point everyone started looking around, mumbling a version of, “Are they seriously telling us to start prepping for the Step 1 when we haven’t even finished M1 year yet?” It is a little bit overwhelming, but I do think that this summer is a good time to review material, especially since we have so much free time. We also noticed that there were boxes of First Aid 2014 books at the front of the auditorium and some of us started to drool.


There were also “only 40 or so copies” of Step Up to the USMLE Step 1 books. Naturally, everyone bum-rushed those books at the end of the presentation.


I already have a ton of books (including FA 2013) that were recommended by my SO’s childhood friend, who to this day has the highest Step 1 score I’ve ever heard of. Soo I don’t really need another book (although I did grab FA 2014). I’m in the process of figuring out how to best use the resources I have, even if it means not using some at all. Maybe I’ll find some use for First Aid next year now that we’re about to get into organ systems. I didn’t use my 2013 copy at all this past year.

Anyway, here are some of my plans for the summer:

– Look through some pharm and path

– Review subjects like biochem and embryo w/ books and FC

– Be less of a potato (get more physically fit)

Those first two things probably aren’t even possible but I’ll try the best I can with the remaining month or so that I have left. I’ll probably make some kind of COMLEX/USMLE page soon or add it onto another page, so stay tuned for that. Now it’s time for me to eat some food and resume my Step 1 review. Maybe I’ll go to the beach later.

– NB


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