What to specialize in?

The University of Virginia School of Medicine has this online test that tells you what specialties  you have the greatest aptitude for. My top 20 results:

   Rank Specialty Score
1 dermatology 48
2 anesthesiology 47
3 gastroenterology 47
4 endocrinology 47
5 ophthalmology 47
6 urology 46
7 radiation oncology 46
8 allergy & immunology 45
9 hematology 44
10 emergency med 44
11 neurosurgery 44
12 rheumatology 44
13 pulmonology 44
14 radiology 44
15 nuclear med 44
16 physical med & rehabilitation 44
17 pediatrics 44
18 pathology 44
19 otolaryngology 44
20 plastic surgery 43

It’s interesting I got derm for #1 considering that every time we have a dermatologist guest lecturer show us pictures of the kinds of lesions he/she works with, my reaction is similar to this:


Nothing in the top 10 really interests me as of right now except for maybe ophthalmology. It’s so competitive though, I don’t know how realistic it is to match. I’m kind of interested in PM&R since there is some procedural aspect and it pays pretty well. Not to mention all the MSK training we learn as DO students will probably come in handy in this specialty. We’ll see, I’ll probably have to shadow a PM&R specialist when I get back to Florida. I’m going back in three days, by the way. It’s crazy.



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