Welp, school has started back up again for us! It feels like I never left. Everyone looks pretty much the same as I last saw them, with one exception: instead of that look of despair and emptiness like our soul was sucked out of our body, everyone now has this look of eager anticipation for what second year has in store for us. Surely, second year will be better than first year. Right?




We’ll see, it’s too early to tell. Anyway, some good news is that a large majority of my class was able to move onto M2 year. The bad news is that there are 5-10 people that will be repeating M1 year. Apparently this number is higher than usual and (from what I heard) is part of the reason why the administration decided to reinstate the 70% mandatory attendance policy. Yup, that’s right. NSU now has mandatory attendance. We got the official email a couple days before summer session started and my class was pissed. Most people are hoping to get a petition going and return to the good old days where less than 20 students out of 240 show up to class. After talking with some people who have connections to admin, it sounds like the chances of this happening are slim to none.

An excellent start to the new year!


Update: The mandatory attendance policy was rescinded. As a sort of compromise, all OPP and Physical Diagnosis lectures were made mandatory. Not that bad of a deal in my opinion. Apparently the M1s got it a little worse, but most of their classes are still optional.


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