The start of M2 Year

Almost a year ago, I published a post about my first two weeks of medical school here at NSU. I think it’s time I come back full circle and make another post about the first two weeks of M2 year.

1. Osteoblast/Club Week: Now that I’m on the Executive Board for a club, I get to go to Osteoblast, which is a showcasing of all the major clubs on campus. I think it’s SOMA that sets it up. They reserve a venue (this year it was ChartHouse) and clubs that signed up come in and set up their own table. The people representing the club get to pitch to the M1s why they should join. You get some kind of benefit for joining a club- it could be a free shirt, free study guides, free anatomy atlas, free reviews, etc. The bigger clubs (state or national) usually give better benefits. Osteoblast is usually the Friday of the first week of school. It’s a great way to get to know your classmates and upperclassmen. There’s free food, a DJ, and it’s open bar. All the clubs do a raffle at the end of the night and then the dance floor opens up. There’s also an after party in Las Olas that the M1s usually go to afterwards.

The second week of school is club week. They changed things up for this year and made it so you can only officially sign up for clubs and pay club dues on Wednesday-Friday. Monday-Tuesday are just window shopping days. I remember last year I dropped a ton of money on clubs, I think close to $400. I signed up for something like 7-8 of them. And now I’m active in only one lol.

It’s interesting being on the other side of Osteoblast and Club Week as an M2. Instead of asking upperclassmen what benefits I get and why I should spend $$$ on joining their clubs, I’m now trying to convince M1s to join my club and spend their $$$ with us!

An accurate portrayal of how it was the first day of sign-ups:

M1’s- choose that clubs you want to join wisely!

2. Class rank: Yup, we got our class rank. It was so random. I literally opened my email before OPP lab and saw “CONFIDENTIAL: CLASS RANKING”. I checked it later. I’m not ranked last and I’m not ranked first. Sooooo I guess I don’t care lol. I sense this is going to contribute to class competitiveness though. Everyone’s going to be gunning for top rankings. Awesome.

3. Systems scheduling: Our scheduling this year is WAY different than last year. Instead of having an exam almost every week/every other week, we now go a month or more without an exam. Of course, this means that each exam is high stakes and there is a ton of information being tested each one. We’re also doing three systems this block (endocrine, respiratory, and cardio) on top of our OPP, PCM, IGC, FACR, Academic Review, and ECG classes. Our first exam is next week and we’ll be tested on the material from all three systems in a 4 hour Integrated Exam. Let the freaking-out begin.

4. Boards stuff: M2 year means boards are just around the corner. I think I have a good amount of materials and questions right now. I see a bunch of classmates carrying their FA 2014/Goljan/Pathoma and referencing it during class. If I’m in class, I need to be paying attention to the lecturer, so that doesn’t really work for me. I have etched out a boards study plan for 1st semester of M2 year. We’ll see how it turns out.

5. The new M1 class: I’ve gotten to know some of the M1s and in general, they seem pretty cool. There are exceptions (like there were in my class). Something I’ve noticed is that this new class is pretty gunner. They’re already asking questions about prepping for boards and asking for our study guides (they’re on the M1 class Gdrive). Maybe my class was gunner too and the current M3s had a similar reaction to what my class is having now. I definitely wasn’t worried about board stuff my second week of school though. I was more worried about the fact that our anatomy packet was material for two weeks, and not for the whole semester as I had previously assumed.

Some of the M1s have claimed that they’re not worried for classes like anatomy/histo/biochem/physio because they’ve learned it in undergrad and it’s basically like review now. Oh how I wish to be a fresh M1 again- well rested and oblivious to the amount of material that has yet to come.

Anywho, that’s my update for now. If you’re an M1, all I can say is to try your best to keep up with the material and don’t get discouraged if you fall behind (weekends are for catching up!). Oh yeah, and don’t be jerks to the M2 class. We’ll be less inclined to help you out if you’re mean to us. Study hard, and good luck on your first exam!

– NB


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