Soooo whoever said that M2 year is easier than M1 year is a huge liar

The past week or so has been difficult. I pretty much have just been studying at home by myself, surrounded by three separate binders, each one filled with note packets/powerpoint presentations of a different system. Ugh. We just took our 4-hour Integrated Exam yesterday and I was SO burnt out afterwards. It had about 143 questions with almost all of them being case-based.  It was the longest test we’ve had so far (usually our exams are 2 hours long) so it was definitely a test of endurance on top of knowledge.

Something tells me the school is trying to increase our stamina for boards…

The test covered about 50 lecture hours from all three systems. Days before the exam itself, many of us felt completely miserable and overwhelmed by the amount of material being tested. “We were told that M2 year would be better! It’s not supposed to be like this! Ahh!”. You can tell when my class is freaking out for an exam because the number of memes/pictures posted to our class Facebook group significantly increases:





That last one is an actual slide from our notes.

The exam itself wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I don’t think it was super easy either. I’m hoping the rumors are true and that the magical Nova curve will save us all.

I think this year’s Integrated had a similar purpose to last year’s Integrated in that it’s supposed to be a gauge of how well or how much you’re studying. Based on the amount of freak-out moments I’ve had in the past week, I’m going to say that I need to change the way I study a little bit for systems. I need to be more efficient with time and be able to retain information for the long term, especially since our exams are now high-stakes.

The M1s are currently learning about the brachial plexus. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we had to learn it. Things were simpler back then. I remember my class freaked out about it and a ton of people started posting diagrams and YouTube videos to our class Facebook group. It made me freak out because I didn’t remember the brachial plexus being covered in class yet. OMG what is that? How come I don’t remember that!? I’m so screwed!! I’m going to fail anatomy!!  Turned out that my class was just pre-reading material for the following week which included the brachial plexus. <insert ‘are you freaking kidding me’ face here>. One year later, and here I am as an M2 freaking out about systems. The medical school learning cycle is definitely: freak out, adapt, freak out, adapt, freak out, adapt. We’ll see if the same goes for Step 1 (I’m currently scared sh*tless for boards).

Anyway, this post has gone on for long enough.



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