A familiar feeling: that of impending doom

Monday, September 22nd

– OPP Written Midterm Exam (morning)

– OPP Lab Midterm Practical  (afternoon)

Tuesday, September 23rd

– Cardiology System Final Exam (morning)

– ECG Written Final Exam (early afternoon)

– Auscultation Lab Final Exam (late afternoon)

Wednesday, September 24th

– Endocrine System Final Exam (morning)

– Respiratory System Final Exam (afternoon)

Friday, September 26th

– Foundations Midterm Exam

Week of the 29th

– Principles of Clinical Medicine: Clinical Skills Exam #1

– Procedures for Cardio/Endo/Resp systems




Best part of exam week is that I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, without feeling guilty about it.

“Yeah I ate a whole pizza for dinner but my brain really needed that energy to memorize these lectures on cardiomyopathy”


Happy studying!

– NB



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