For those of you who are unfamiliar with the curriculum at Nova Southeastern University, we have this thing here called Interdisciplinary Generalist Curriculum where M1’s and M2’s get paired with a primary care physician and shadow them. Last year, I was paired with a pediatrician and the experience pretty much solidified my decision not to go into pediatrics. This year, I’m shadowing a Family Medicine doc. The other day was kind of awkward:

>> Dr. S and I walk into the patient room.

Dr. S : Hi there, I’m Dr. S and this is NB, a second year medical student here to observe. What brings you in today?

Patient: Well I’m starting nursing school and I need to get a TB test.

Dr. S: Okay cool. Oh….wait a second. –eyes patient’s belly– Are you pregnant???

Patient: ………. No. I’m just fat.

Dr. S: speechless

Patient: Unimpressed

Me: tZOS8



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