Crunch Time

Finals are in about a week and a half. I think by now, my class has adapted to the amount of material we get as M2s. It’s a lot, but we’ve all kind of figure out our own ways to deal with it. With 4 system final exams + our OPP final + Foundations/Academic Review final, I’m sure I’ll still go into finals week like:


Oh well. It’s nice that we’ll be done with finals (for the most part) before Thanksgiving break. This means I can actually go home this year and spend time with my family. I am very excited to be going home.

Finals Schedule

Thursday, 11/20:

– Heme/Lymph System Final Exam

Friday, 11/21:

– MSK Final Exam (morning)

– Integumentary Final Exam (afternoon)

Monday, 11/24:

– OPP Written Final Exam (morning)

– OPP Practical Final (afternoon)

Tuesday, 11/25:

– Neurology System Final Exam (morning)

– FACR Final Exam (afternoon)

Week of the 30th:

– CSE Final

– Procedures x 2 days

We’re so close to being done…yet so far at the same time.



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