I’ve found out some disturbing news.

Our school gives each medical student a Token Testing ID that’s made up of a random combination of letters and numbers. Every exam score and final grade that gets put up on our school’s Blackboard website are posted using this unique ID. So unless you want everyone to know how good or bad you’re doing in school, it’s a good idea to keep your ID to yourself.

Several weeks ago, our Principles of Clinical Medicine class posted our grades for our midterm. Whoever posted the grades forgot to place the ID’s in alphabetical order. No big deal right? You could just do ctl+f and perform a search function for your ID. The problem was that the reason why the ID’s weren’t in alphabetical order was because they were in alphabetical order according to our actual names.


One of the course professors realized what happened and removed the grades from BlackBoard a couple hours afterwards, but it was much too late. Some (ridiculous) people in my class had already taken screenshots of the posted IDs and were comparing them to an alphabetical list of the roster. They now were free to look up everyone’s grades in other classes and on previous exams according to their new cheat sheet. To top it all off, they then bragged and told everyone about what they just did.

Congratulations. You have managed to lose the respect of 240+ peers in one instant.

We were issued new Token ID’s shortly afterwards. I can only hope that something like this doesn’t happen again.




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