Rotation Placement Anxiety

T-2 days until we get our rotation placement. At approximately 3:00 PM this Friday, we’ll be finding out where we’re spending the last two years of medical school. I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing, but I’m looking forward to the prospect of meeting new people and hanging out with classmates that I haven’t really gotten to know yet.

We had something called Track Day a couple weeks ago where each rotation site set up a presentation about why we should go there. Some of them brought current M3s/M4s/residents. The point of Track Day is to give us a sense of each program and help us decide if it’s somewhere we would like to go for rotations. After the presentations, everyone went upstairs to the OPP lab to mingle with the speakers and ask questions.

This is how rotation assignments work at NSU: At the end of Track Day, you get an in-state rank list. For my year, there are 14 sites. You have to rank the sites #1 -#14. There’s a second page that has some additional questions- like if you’re interested in any surgical specialties, internal medicine subspecialties, etc. If you are, then you can write them down and they’ll try to take that into consideration.

The rankings of the sites for each student are inputted into a computer and the process is double checked by two SGA members to minimize human error. Every student is then assigned a random number. If you get #1, you get first pick. If you get #2, you get second, and so on and so forth. This whole process is entirely luck-based. It doesn’t matter if you’re the top ranked student in the class, you can still get assigned #210th pick for rotation sites. Is this unfair? I don’t know. I think if they did it by merit, a ton of people would complain. The current method is probably the fairest, most unbiased way to assign rotation sites.

Of course, if I get my 14th choice I’ll change my mind and say that they should do it by merit 😉

I guess I should go study some GI. I keep forgetting we have a major exam in less than a week with all this rotation stuff looming so close by.



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