The Second Half of Medical School

I got my top choice for rotations! Woohoo!!

The moment leading up to getting that little piece of paper that would (for the most part) determine where you would spend the last half of medical school was intense. You could feel the tension in the air. There was so much nervous energy. Once I got my rotation placement paper and I saw where I was going, I felt a huge sense of relief. I had gotten my top choice, and judging by the screams of joy and cheering I heard in the background, a lot of other people got their top choice as well.

Statistically, 70%-75% of students will get their #1 choice, and about 95% will get their top 3. For those students who didn’t get their top choice, or who did get their top choice but changed their minds, a trade with another student can be arranged next week during Swap Week. I’ve heard that everything usually gets ironed out during that time and that a majority of people are satisfied with where they go after Swap Week.

Congrats c/o 2017!

Now it’s time to go study for our exam on Monday.




    1. Yup! They’ll assign you to 13 of the 22 months at your core site. The other 9 months are for your rural/underserved rotations and any national or international programs you want to rotate at.

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