Autopsy + other updates

I had an interesting experience as a medical student recently when I got to sit in on an autopsy case. All M2s are required to do this- it’s a unique part of the curriculum that I think most people (including myself) had no idea about until we were given a mandatory lecture about the experience:

Presenter: So you guys will get to scrub-in on an actual autopsy case within the next several months.

Us: Awesome! Wait- what?

In a nutshell, you and about 8 other students drive up to the autopsy clinic on a weekend. Everyone puts on a gown complete with booties, gloves, bouffant, and a mask. They also have full on face shields available. Depending on the case you get, which can be anything from a homicide to an MI, your autopsy experience is going to vary. We had a pretty interesting case and the physician and assistants doing the autopsy were great with speaking to us while they were doing the whole thing. It helped us get a better understanding about how the person died or what other factors had contributed to their death. They made sure to show us the key findings and even let us touch and examine things; it was pretty cool. Something I noticed when I put my hand in the body cavity was that the inside of the body was still warm. The individual had passed recently and their body had managed to retain the heat. It was kind of eerie…

Anyway, in other less-depressing news, we are now in our last block as M2s! For our final block, we have peds, women’s health, and geriatrics. Not too bad, right? Hopefully not, although the size of our note packets makes me think otherwise.

Last thing I wanted to mention is that I’m thinking of taking down the courses page on the menu. I just don’t have time to update it, not to mention that there have been a good amount of changes in classes/class policies within the last year, so it’s not even that accurate anymore. Sorry about that. If any of you future M1s/current M1s have questions, then you can ask your upper-classmen for help.

Last last thing: My postings aren’t going to be as frequent because board studying is building up. I’ll try to post maybe once a month, but they’ll be pretty short.

Until next time,



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