Boards are Coming

Welp, it’s already mid-April. It’s been 6 months since I was home during winter break, starting to look through First Aid for the first time.

And now I have only ~8 weeks left. How is that possible???

Some days I feel incredibly overwhelmed, and other days I’m calm and relaxed. It’s weird. Right now I’m mostly going through First Aid and working through some Qbanks. It’s a painfully slow process, mostly because I’m trying to do a thorough job. I’ve recently just moved on the neuro system and god this thing is LONG.

My Rx percentage isn’t that impressive, and my UWorld percentage is horrendous. It’s super discouraging seeing that I’m still getting that many questions wrong after taking my time going through the material. It makes me just want to crawl onto the floor and lay fetal for hours…

..but I don’t do that because that would waste time. So instead, I force myself to review the questions- review them really well. Many people have mentioned that it’s not about the percentage anyway, it’s about how much you learn from the questions.

At the moment, I’m pretty detached from class. There amount of students that still go to class is just a tiny handful at this point. Most people by now have fully switched over to doing more board studying than class studying.

I’ll be back in a couple weeks.



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