And just like that, my M2 days were over

My class just took our last set of final exams yesterday. To think that our classroom days are over…isn’t that crazy? In a couple months we’re going to be seeing real, actual patients that will have actual complaints! I’m terrified of starting rotations but I’m also kind of looking forward to it. We always heard from older students that rotations is when you start to really learn what medicine is and I’m excited to see what the clinical years have to offer.

But first, we have to pass the boards.

<< insert horror music >>

We were lucky in that one of our OPP professors put together a comprehensive board review for us today. My class really appreciated it and it was a great way for us to ask questions and get a quick refresher for the OMM portion of COMLEX. It’ll also help prepare us for the COMAT (shelf exam) for OMM that we have in three days. It counts for 10% of our OPP class grade, so, there’s that. I’m having an internal debate with myself about if I should study hard for the COMAT exam over the weekend or if I should do USMLE/COMLEX studying instead.

As an unrelated aside, I can’t believe the M3s are going to be M4s. They’re probably preparing their residency applications and figuring out which programs they’re going to apply to. I feel like it was just a week ago when my class was in M1 year and the M2s were giving us a bunch of advice about cardio phys. Time just goes by quicker and quicker in med school.

Anyway, I should go study. With classes over with, my COMLEX/USMLE dedicated studying period has officially begun. Time to kick it into high gear.



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