Preparing for M4 year

The class of 2016 just graduated a couple weeks ago, which means that my class is now in M3-M4 limbo. Our official M4 year starts in July. In case you live in the hospital like I do and no longer have any concept of time, July starts in roughly 4 weeks. In addition, the DO residency application cycle begins in approximately 6 weeks and the MD residency cycle starts in about 3.5 months.


If that wasn’t enough to stress about, I still haven’t finalized my fourth year schedule. I’m mostly trying to figure out scheduling conflicts between different rotations while simultaneously trying to wade through a ton of paperwork and email correspondence. You’d think that after so many years of elective rotations existing there would be an easier way to deal with all this.

On the residency application front, my MO’s for the next month are:

  • Collect LORs from physicians in the field I’m planning on going into
  • Write my personal statement
  • Update my CV
  • Take a professional picture

This is all really overwhelming, but I’m also excited to start what is supposedly both the most stressful and relaxing year of medical school.

Fourth year, here I come.





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