Audition 1, complete

I finished my first audition rotation. I’m not sure how my fellow sub-intern and I survived a whole month of it, but we did. Honestly I think that it was one of the rougher ones that we’re going to have. I anticipate the rest of my rotations from here on out to go smoothly.

I think I ended the rotation on a good note. I tried to work especially hard the last two weeks once I got used to everything so that I could leave a positive impression. I received good feedback from the residents, most saying they hope to see me back during their interview season- hopefully a good sign. Despite how hellish the rotation itself was, I’m actually kind of sad to leave. I’m going to miss the craziness of the floor, having my own patients that I can manage, being constantly judged and under scrutiny of my seniors (okay maybe not that). I even received a compliment from Ms. Never Satisfied Senior Resident towards the end. I’d like to think that she noticed how I improved, or at least that I tried.

I also did have a chance to sit down with the Program Director and talk to him about my interest in the program. I think the meeting went well. I mentioned in a previous post that one of my top choice programs essentially rejected me before I even auditioned. This is that program. I think some people will say that I’m being too over the top/neurotic by meeting with the PD, and I probably would have thought the same thing-  but this is audition season. Sometimes you just have to do what you gotta go, even if it makes you uncomfortable. I haven’t received an official rejection from the program yet so I’m going to try to be positive and say that I still have a (teeny tiny) chance here. And as long as I have even the tiniest chance of an interview, I’m going to go all out. Not just at this program, but any program that I’m interested in.

It’s not over until it’s over.



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