We’re officially in the year that my class graduates! I still have a couple interviews left, but it’s the home stretch now. The last step in this crazy residency application process is to go about making my rank list.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I applied to two specialties that are a mix of AOA and ACGME programs. I’m going to rank all the programs I interviewed at, except for one (it sucked). Since I’ll be entering both matches, it is likely that I will match with the DO match in February and be automatically taken out of the MD match in March. This is okay with me, as I wouldn’t rank an AOA program if 1.) it is likely to get shut down via new ACGME accreditation standards, or 2.) I feel like I would be unhappy completing my training there. As far as ranking, there is now a clear #1 choice for me – one that I didn’t expect at all. I also know which programs I’ll be ranking near the bottom. However, the challenge will be figuring out the middle of the road programs.

T- 10 days until rank lists are due.

Also, to the M3s that I work with: Please do not say/do anything that suggests to the attending that we want to stay later/do presentations/come in extra days. I’m an M4 and the match is less than a month away. I honestly could not care any less about rotations at this point. If you want to do more work, ask the attending once I’m out the door. When you’re an M4, you’ll understand. Thanks.



Sidenote: I finally updated the Resources and Reviews tab. It took forever, but I figured since I’m nearing the end of the med school journey I should probably update it.



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