First week as an intern

Well, I survived 8 straight days of inpatient IM. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a little rough. At my hospital, the interns are responsible for admitting patients and typing up all the notes. This can be a little overwhelming when you also have complicated patients with sh*t hitting the fan and nurses paging you about what you want to do, in which case my answer 90% of the time is “Uhh..let me verify with my senior”. Speaking of the seniors, I honestly have no idea how us interns would survive without them. They have been AMAZING. They’ll help us with notes, admit patients when we’re too busy, and generally just try to make things easier for us. In such a cut throat world like medicine I’m so glad that there are still some good people out there.

On another note, I’m still a little weirded out by being referred to as doctor. I specifically tell the nurses to call me me by my first name. I even feel weird parking in the doctor’s parking lot, or going to the doctor’s lounge to get food. I feel like such a fraud, I’m sure the medical students rotating with us know more than I do.

For the M4s out there auditioning this year- you can help the residents out a ton by seeing patients with us and writing notes. We currently have a fourth year student auditioning with us and she’ll see up to four patients and have the notes already done by the time we finish rounds and noon conference. You guys have no idea how much it helps us out, especially when we’re getting slammed with admissions. Being a team player is a BIG deal. Of course, we’ll put in a good word for you with the chief and program director when they ask for our feedback. I also try to point out some of the interested cases to the M4s so they can see something different than the standard chest pain or heart failure workup.

Anyway, today is my first day off and I don’t get another one for another 8 days, so I’m going to go enjoy myself (read: do laundry, pay bills, basically do adult things), even though all I really want to do is sleep all day. Yay, intern year!


Medical Student to Intern

For the past week, I’ve been in orientation with my co-interns, including those in IM and EM. It’s been pretty chill. We got training in our EMR system and got set up with our dictation device, Dragon. We also had a white coat ceremony, where we each got our shiny, new, long white coats! Yesterday we got our pagers (boo) and were taught how to use them and return a page. I’ve gotten to know a bunch of the other interns, and I can say that we’re a laid back group of people. I’m excited to work with them!

Now that it’s July, we officially start residency. Even though I’m am FM resident, we still have to do 3 months of inpatient IM, which is what I start off with. You can’t see my face but I’m super excited to be starting on inpatient medicine, no really, just…so excited…

I ended up getting the weekend off, so I don’t have my first day until Monday. This kind of worries me in that the other two interns on IM start over the weekend and I’ll have a lot of catching up to do on Monday when I get there. Since I’m FM, I haven’t had to do a real IM rotation for a while, and only did one as an M4 and just our standard core IM rotations as an M3. I feel kind of screwed, and the panic is actually fueling my desire to cram as many internal medicine topics as possible. The other two interns working with me are actually IM interns and I will be the only non-IM intern on the service. This means they’ve probably done at least 6 months more of IM and IM subspecialty related rotations compared to me. Fantastic.

Anyway, I just wanted to say good luck to all the other interns out there who are starting residency. We can do it! Also if any seniors or attendings have tips for surviving intern year, let me know!

College of Allopathic Medicine

There were a couple rumors about this circulating amongst the upperclassmen, but an email today confirmed it- The Board of Trustees has approved three new colleges and programs, one of which will be a College of Allopathic Medicine. Yes, NSU will have both DO and MD schools in the near-ish future.

The general consensus from the M1 and M2 classes seems to be a combination of anger, shock, and maybe some sadness. Our biggest question is probably why? The email says that the MD program will “compliment the DO program”, but what does that actually mean for the future DO students of Nova?

This past year has been nuts. First there was the sudden announcement that classes were going to be mandatory right before our summer session began. Then administration changed their mind and compromised by only making OMM and PCM lectures mandatory. During second semester, our Dean shockingly resigned. And now Nova is getting an MD program set to welcome its inaugural class in Fall of 2017.

Wait, does the previous Dean resigning have something to do with this MD program? Or maybe its related to that research building they’re constructing? Hold up, what if this has been in the works for a while and was part of the reason why Nova was trying to get its own hospital built?

< throws up hands >

I don’t know.

I’ll be out of here in 2017 so I supposed this doesn’t really concern me or my class anyways.

I still kind of care though.


Human too…


“An ER doctor steps outside after losing a 19 year old patient”

The above picture has been going around the internet like crazy, and for a good reason. It sends a strong message- that despite popular media depicting doctors as heartless, money-hungry robots, they are actually, in fact, human, and they too feel loss and sadness when a patient dies under their care.

My heart goes out to the doctor and the 19 year old’s family.