Family Medicine

Life After Medical School

First off, sorry about the radio silence. The last couple weeks leading up to graduation were all a blur. From trying to hang out with classmates one last time, to getting my recertification in PALS, BLS, and ACLS, to having family flying in, plus coordinating my entire move to my new residency location, a lot of things went on the backburner (like blogging). But now I’m back, with more free time than ever!

Secondly, I’m officially a physician!!!

It feels weird just typing that. I mean, I knew I was going to be a doctor after 4 years of medical school, but it’s still such a weird feeling. I haven’t even changed my email signatures yet; I can’t get myself to. They still say I’m a medical student. The other day I got asked by my insurance agent about what my official job title is, and I hesitated before saying resident physician. There’s just a lot of responsibility that’s implied with that title and I don’t feel qualified. I was a medical student a month ago! The imposter syndrome is real, and I haven’t officially started residency yet.

In other news,Β I finally added my account-related instagram to the side bar. I’ve been anonymous for the past 4 years, but now that school is over and I care a lot less about people knowing who I am, I figured it was officially time to show the face behind the blog. So hi, thanks for reading and following, and stay tuned for what I’m sure will be posts about me freaking out during intern year.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the curriculum at Nova Southeastern University, we have this thing here called Interdisciplinary Generalist Curriculum where M1’s and M2’s get paired with a primary care physician and shadow them. Last year, I was paired with a pediatrician and the experience pretty much solidified my decision not to go into pediatrics. This year, I’m shadowing a Family Medicine doc. The other day was kind of awkward:

>> Dr. S and I walk into the patient room.

Dr. S : Hi there, I’m Dr. SΒ and thisΒ is NB, a second year medical student here to observe. What brings you in today?

Patient: Well I’m starting nursing school and I need to get a TB test.

Dr. S: Okay cool. Oh….wait a second. –eyes patient’s belly– Are you pregnant???

Patient: ………. No. I’m just fat.

Dr. S: speechless

Patient: Unimpressed

Me: tZOS8