I MATCHED!!! This is what the past 4 years of hard work have all been for – to land a residency position. For those who are curious, the two specialties I applied to were OB/gyn and FM. OB/gyn was incredibly competitive this year, and I received a lot more love from FM programs. My application is definitely more FM-oriented to begin with, so I’m not particularly surprised. As I went through auditions, electives, and interviews, I felt like I just fit better with FM, so in the end that’s what I stuck with. I’m also glad that FM is broad enough so that I can still do women’s health/obstetrics if I wanted to!

I received the “you have matched!” email right before 8 AM EST, which was shortly followed by a call from my new Program Director congratulating me. I also received an email from the hospital administration welcoming all the incoming interns. We were also given important save-the-dates for orientation and were told that all positions for all residency programs at our hospital had completely filled! My FM program took 4 people this year, including myself. I’m very excited to meet my co-interns!

It’s not quite over for me yet though. My significant other goes to an MD school and will be finding out where he matched in March. Luckily, I matched very high on my rank list, at a program half an hour from his #1 choice. Once we found out where I matched, we spent some time reaching out to my program director and faculty at his medical school that have connections at his #1 choice. We really hope we hear some good news in March and that he matches there!

Anyway, I just wanted to end this post by saying CONGRATS to all my fellow DO students who matched yesterday! And good luck to those who are waiting for the ACGME match!

Lastly to current M3s, I will have a post up about some M4 tips that I’ve collected over the past year, so keep an eye out for that!

Now if you’ll excuse me, there are mojitos to drink and sandy beaches to take a nap on. Ah, the perks of living in South Florida.



Game, Set,…Match?

Our rank list for DO programs was due on January 20th by midnight. Now all we have to do is wait. The turnaround time for the DO match is actually pretty quick, only 2.5 weeks.

I’m having a few post-rank submission regrets, mostly about switching the rankings around, but it’s too late. My rank list is finalized and it is out of my hands. I know people say that we just have to trust the match process, but it’s still a little unsettling to think that my residency position is going to be determined by some computer algorithm.

Anyway, I want to wish everyone good luck in the match! And congrats to those that already know where they’re going for next year!