Life After Medical School

First off, sorry about the radio silence. The last couple weeks leading up to graduation were all a blur. From trying to hang out with classmates one last time, to getting my recertification in PALS, BLS, and ACLS, to having family flying in, plus coordinating my entire move to my new residency location, a lot of things went on the backburner (like blogging). But now I’m back, with more free time than ever!

Secondly, I’m officially a physician!!!

It feels weird just typing that. I mean, I knew I was going to be a doctor after 4 years of medical school, but it’s still such a weird feeling. I haven’t even changed my email signatures yet; I can’t get myself to. They still say I’m a medical student. The other day I got asked by my insurance agent about what my official job title is, and I hesitated before saying resident physician. There’s just a lot of responsibility that’s implied with that title and I don’t feel qualified. I was a medical student a month ago! The imposter syndrome is real, and I haven’t officially started residency yet.

In other news, I finally added my account-related instagram to the side bar. I’ve been anonymous for the past 4 years, but now that school is over and I care a lot less about people knowing who I am, I figured it was officially time to show the face behind the blog. So hi, thanks for reading and following, and stay tuned for what I’m sure will be posts about me freaking out during intern year.


ACGME Match Update

A couple weeks ago, I flew out to attend my fiancé’s Match Day celebration. It was kind of fancy- it took place in a nice hotel, with a brunch-like spread of mini quiches and smoked salmon on little toasts. Even as an outsider, I could sense how incredibly tense people were. Everyone started off with catching up with their classmates and meeting their families. Once things settled down, the Dean and some faculty members of the school gave a few speeches about how proud they were of the class and that in a matter of minutes- everyone in that room was going to know where they were going for residency training. Once it started getting close to the official envelope opening time, the students all gathered together with their academic groups alongside their faculty mentor. One by one, each student’s name was called and they were handed their respective envelope. They were instructed not to open it until specifically told to. After a couple minutes, everyone chanted and counted down from 10…9…8…7…

My fiancé completely destroyed his envelope trying to get it opened. The result: he matched back home, in Southern California! Although this means we’ll be doing long distance again, we’re both super grateful to have matched at our top training programs. Now I’ve got my own list of To-Do’s for the next month:

  • Find a place to live/sign a leasing contract
  • Find a mover (my program will pay for part of my move! Yay!)
  • Order my long white coat. It’s nice that they actually have a women’s fit option with an adjustable two-button back belt…Pretty sure I’m the only person excited for this.
  • Acquire dog. Yes, I am finally getting a dog. I could never justify getting one during medical school- board exams, class exams, other school obligations, rotations, interview season- I could never find the right time to get puppy and raise it. But now, I actually have the time! Moreover since my fiancé is going to be far away from where I’ll be doing my residency, not to mention my close friends and family, I think it will be nice to have some company. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll have a new pup around the second week of June!
  • Start selling things. I have so much…crap. Anatomy flashcards, embryology and biochemistry books, old class notes, shelf exam study materials, the list goes on and on. I feel like it would be a huge waste to just toss everything, and I really want to make some more room on my self, so I’m thinking of selling them to other students. If you’re an incoming M1 or a current student, please subscribe for updates as I’ll be publishing a post with a list of things I’ll be selling!

For those curious, Nova also had a Match Day celebration. Although much less formal than other schools, everyone who RSVPed was able to receive their envelopes and open them with friends and family. I heard it was a lot of fun!

Congrats to my classmates! We’re almost done!


Great News Today: I’m NOT Immune to Hepatits B

I thought this story was suitable for a first post because it’s short, related to medicine, and kind of ridiculous. For the past several weeks, I’ve been going to my doctor’s office in order to fulfill all the immunization requirements that every matriculating medical student needs to complete. Yesterday I found out that my Hepatitis B antibody test came back negative. Great. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear with school starting in two weeks. I went back to the blood lab so that they could run the test again, a quantitative one this time. The thing is that if this test is also negative, I’ll have to do the whole 3 dose vaccination series for Hepatitis B all over again. Today I called the office to see if they had gotten the results from the quantitative test. This is the conversation I had with the secretary:

Me: Hi, this is NB and I just did the Hepatitis B antibody test yesterday at the lab. I was wondering if you guys got the results?

Overly excited secretary: Oh! We did get them back, and…great news! It says you have absolutely NO immunity to Hepatitis B! Yay! Congrats!

Me: …Wait what?

Overly excited secretary: You have no immunity!!!

Me: Wait, so you’re telling me I have NO immunity? Uhh…that’s…not a good thing….

Secretary: …Oh….I’m sorry….


As much as it sucks that I’ll have to redo the vaccinations, I can’t help but admit that her misunderstanding of the term “immunity” was the highlight of my day. The response she gave was definitely better than, “Oh. Yeah sorry, looks like you’re going to have to redo those vaccinations. When do you want to schedule your first dose?” At least with this secretary’s delivery, I got some chuckles out of it.